After feasting over the grill the past few days, it’s time to let your belly relax a little bit.  But does it mean a plain salad is your only option?  What’s something simple, satisfying, yet belly-soothing? Try this jackfruit coconut frozen kefir bar.  Kefir is a cultured dairy product that’s packed with probiotics and protein.  It’s similar to yogurt, but much healthier and tastier than yogurt.  I used my favorite exotic fruit, Jackfruit and Coconut in this recipe but you can customize it however you want with plain frozen kefir.

My boy loves kefir like bees love honey.


Jackfruit Coconut Frozen Kefir Bar

Ingredients: Directions:
1.5 pints plain frozen kefir
1 can coconut milk
1/4 cup agave nectar (or sweetener of your choice)
1/3 cup shredded ripe jackfruit
1) Blend frozen kefir, coconut milk, and agave nectar in a mixer/blender until thoroughly combined.

2) Place a few slices of jackfruit in ice pop mold, pour frozen kefir mixture in, place a few more jackfruits, place popsicle sticks in each mold. Freeze it for 6 hours and more before serving.

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