Amway IBO Entry Experience – Reimagined

“IBOs” stands for Independent Business Owners (i.e. individual broker of Amway products).  Once they are registered to become an IBO, they will be sent this starter kit that includes product samples and educational materials on “how to sell”.  Initially, product catalogs and samples were sent separately to the IBOs.  It caused confusion and made the experience unwelcoming and overwhelming.  Therefore, the goal of this welcome kit is to streamline the entire entry experience and make it fun and engaging, so the IBOs will become confident in selling the Amway products.

Cultivate Curiosity for success

One way to learn efficiently is to trigger one’s curiosity.  The box is uniquely designed to trigger curiosity and allow IBOs to look for the different components of the box and be rewarded by a sense of achievement as the different components reveal.  The box first opens up in the middle, then fans out on two sides like a gate to reveal the individual sample trays.  Scroll the bar below to see.



    A welcome brochure that directs IBO to be further educated using online materials.

    Three personas – Healthy Home, Girl Boss, and Fitness Fanatics

    3 different variations of the box are provided. Each tailored to a different end user group including Healthy Home, Girl Boss, and Fitness Fanatics.  Each box will help IBO focus on one persona group in the beginning to get them comfortable with selling.

    Alternative concept